Gov2.0: looking for impact, not only for coolness.

Posted: March 17, 2010 in Gov20
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How ‘cool’ should government websites be? Shoud Gov2.0 websites be ‘cool’? First of all, a lot of Web 2.0 projects in public services are ‘cool’. Don’t ask me to define this ‘coolness’. I guess it is an attribute given by the users of the Web 2.0 application, rather than by the government itself.

When I work on Web2.0 projects and I am asked by civil servants if the cool effect (and ‘waw factor’) should be a key attribute, I tend to cool this down. I would like to have projects discuss the sustainability, the take-up, in other words the real weight of Gov2.0. I would like to showcase projects that are both doing something with government date and are delivering. Governmental e-projects should be professional and well managed. Which (believe me) is more difficult than building cool tools and having ideas.

It’s the old saying of Thomas Alva Edison: “Success is 10 percent inspiration and 90 percent perspiration.” Well perhaps it should be a little more than 10 percent, but any Gov2.0 project still is nothing without professionalism and commitment.


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