My secret agenda is to make a difference. Presentations won’t help me.

Posted: February 25, 2010 in Gov20
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I sometimes feel that I spend too much time on speeches trying to convince peope to try a different approach. My message is: there are many good examples out there that don’t need much money. The only thing missing now are excuses. Usually my presentations go well, I get good participation and positive feedback. But I have to admit that more and more I can’t help being disappointed.

My secret agenda is to make a difference. I want to shock and to inspire action. But at the end of these ‘best practice meetings’ I see little of this. I come away tired, with the feeling that nothing will change. Yet another talk, and little action.

Perhaps I should change my approach. The problem is the format. Speeches are not enough. We need live collaboration, hands-on action. We need clear output, new projects being designed and implemented on the moment. I believe this will be more impactful. I will give a short speech of max 30 mins, and then animate a collaborative workshop for building gov20 solutions. Participants will bring a problem or a project idea, and together we will work out how to address it in a Gov20 way.

(Underlying I guess I feel the need to step down and enforce some cultural change myself, even on a small scale.)


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